The Wolf Pack

"Our favourite thing is hearing how much people have enjoyed playing our games with their friends and family. It really brings people together. For us, there’s nothing more rewarding than this."

- Sally & Sam

Meet the team

A small pack, but a mighty one!



Designer, composer, elite multitasker. Sharpest eyes in the pack. Can spot an errant font from 4 miles. Loves making fire.



Animator, programmer, digital den builder. Can matrix any computer programme in 24 hours. Loves all sport.



Hunter, gatherer, sniffer. Enjoys independence and the sound of his own bark. Loves to dig a snack out of a bag.

Creators of the #1 online escape room

Creators of the #1 online escape room


We’ve put together this little video to answer our top player questions!

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Our games

Miami Bay background Miami Bay logo
  • Difficulty4/5
  • Game time~180 mins
  • Ages10 - 80+

Dive into a neon-soaked 1980’s adventure as rogue detectives, tackling the case of a lifetime!

Was $39.00
Hallows Hill background Hallows Hill logo
  • Difficulty4/5
  • Game time~90 mins
  • Ages13 - 80+

Embark on a spine-tingling, brain-teasing escape to unravel the mysterious history of Hallows Hill.

Was $31.00
Bundle background

Double your fun and save big! Dive into the thrilling worlds of Hallows Hill and Miami Bay with our 2-Game Bundle.