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In the heart of Miami, in the heat of 1985, you are about to break all the rules in the pursuit of justice...
Only the best detectives escape Miami Bay.

A message from your captain...

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Miami Bay: The Online Escape Room Experience

  • Difficulty4/5
  • Game time~180 mins
  • Ages10 - 80+
  • Start whenever you're ready
  • Play at home or on video chat
  • 1-6 players (recommended)
  • Suitable for laptop and desktops
  • Bulk orders available
Was $39.00
Sale now:$31.00
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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

What do I need to play?

+ a laptop or desktop computer (iPad & Android tablets are not currently supported)
+ a compatible browser Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera (Safari is not supported)
+ a fast internet connection

What happens after I BUY?

It's super simple. You'll automatically be sent an email with a game link and your unique access code. Get your team together and start whenever you’re ready!


Looking to create an exciting, digital event for multiple teams? We offer bulk discounts and super easy bulk ordering. Contact us here.

How it works

No fancy tech required, all you need is a laptop and a web browser!

People playing Hallows Hill at a laptop

Play together at home or online, anytime

Gather your team and play at home with friends and family, or remotely over video chat.

Unlock a top-secret mission

When you’re entrusted with a classified murder investigation, nothing is quite what it seems.

Find clues & examine the crime scenes

Harness your powers of deduction to escape exciting locations, from gritty to glamorous.

Creators of the #1 online escape room

Creators of the #1 online escape room


Played over 25,000 times and awarded #1 Online Escape Room Experience!


Loved it. Graphics were great... best at home game we have done... for those who haven’t done it.... buy it!

Kymm Clarke

We played this tonight with the family and had a great time! First time ever doing an escape room experience. Had a blast!

Cheryl Shelden Graham

Wife and I played this over the weekend and had a blast. We stopped on Friday night and picked it back up again Saturday night with no problem. Loved it and have been recommending it to all my friends.


The quality was seriously top notch. Loved the music and sound design as well!!


Played last night with my husband, son, daughter in-law and grandsons aged 13 and 8. Brilliant fun. Can't wait for the next one.

Julie Markendale-Brettell


Bored of scrolling? Surprise your family and friends with an online escape room

Wolf Escape logo Escape Room Cinema
Play at home or online
Play in a team of 1-6+
Perfect for ages 10-80+
Price £24 per
£30 per
£15 per
Fun for the family

Fun for the family

Bring the whole family together for an escape room adventure! From kids to grandparents, work as a team to solve the puzzles.

Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

Stunning 3D graphics, captivating sound and music, and engaging storytelling that will transport you to a whole new world.

Challenging Puzzles

Challenging Puzzles

With a variety of puzzles and clues designed to suit all skill levels, there's something to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

Meet wolf

After working together for 10 years producing animation, games and music for businesses, Sam and Sally decided to make something new..."We wanted to give people the best online escape rooms - that look, sound and feel amazing, but even your nan could set up and play!"

Our Story
Sally and Sam

Also available

Hallows Hill background Hallows Hill logo
  • Difficulty4/5
  • Game time~90 mins
  • Ages13 - 80+

Embark on a spine-tingling, brain-teasing escape to unravel the mysterious history of Hallows Hill.

Was $31.00
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Double your fun and save big! Dive into the thrilling worlds of Hallows Hill and Miami Bay with our 2-Game Bundle.

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Gift an unforgettable experience!
Customise your card with a personal message for the lucky recipient and pick the delivery date. Easy peasy.

Miami Bay FAQs

As soon as your purchase goes through, you'll automatically receive two emails:-

1 x receipt confirming your payment
1 x Order email containing your unique 16-digit license code

When you're ready to play simply click the 'Launch Game' button and follow the on-screen instructions as the game loads.

Once you reach the main menu, you can begin your game using the 'Start New Game' button. You will then be asked for your license code. Copy and paste it from your order email into the box (don't forget the dashes) and you'll be off on your escape!

*If you can't find your order email, please check your spam and promotions folders. If you need your code resending, and you have your order number, please use the license code retrieval in the contact form

If you think you may have mistyped your email address or have purchased with a payment method connected to an email you cannot access, please contact us via the contact form.

Yes! The easiest way to do this is with one of our lovely gift cards.
You can send a message and decide on what day and time the card will arrive. Easy peasy!

Your code will not expire until you complete your escape! You can start the game whenever you are ready. You can even play across mutilple sessons and the game will save your progress. There's absolutely no time limit so take as long as you need.

You'll need a PC or Mac computer to play the game but a lot of people do stream it to their TV over wi-fi, using Apple TV, Chromecast (or similar) or a good old HDMI cable.

This is a really fun way to do it because you can get the benefit of the bigger screen and audio.

Laptop to TV streaming set-ups will vary depending on your type of computer and TV but, if you can stream a regular website from your computer to the TV, you can stream the game ;-)

We also have a digital backpack system which lets everyone examine the clues on their phones / tablets, which is very handy for puzzle solving.

We've given our games a PG-13, meaning there's no violence, adult themes, or gory scenes. The dialogue may include a few mild swear words, but only within the boundaries of age-appropriate content.

The puzzles can be quite challenging, even for grown-ups, so we always recommend children play with an adult who can provide guidance.

However, we've had many escapees from 11+ and hundreds of great reviews from families who've played together. Our Trustpilot page is a good place to get the lowdown direct from players!

*Please note that Hallows Hill contains references to historical practices of Spiritualism and features a section involving a Ouija board.