Hallows Hill: The Online Escape Room Experience

  • Difficulty4/5
  • Game time~90 mins
  • Ages13 - 80+
  • Start whenever you're ready
  • With friends at home or on video chat
  • 1-6 players (recommended)
  • Suitable for laptop and desktops
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Sale now:$25.00
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What do I need to play?

+ a laptop or desktop computer (iPad & Android tablets are not currently supported)
+ a compatible browser Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera (Safari is not supported)
+ a fast internet connection

What happens after I buy?

It's super simple. You'll automatically be sent an email with a game link and your unique access code. Get your team together and start whenever you’re ready!


Gift the ultimate online escape room experience

Messages from the beyond...


My mom and my son and I LOVED it!! He’s 12 and it was great for all ages. Can’t wait for the next one!

Brittany Lee Culbreth

Purchased this for myself and my adult son as he loves escape rooms. It was incredible. So very well done. Money well spent. Cannot wait for the next one.

Sandy Lauzon

We played this tonight with the family and had a great time! First time ever doing an escape room experience. Had a blast!

Cheryl Shelden Graham

Our family did this, hooked up the computer to the TV w/ surround sound and had a BLAST!!!!!! Just spooky enough and incredible immersive puzzles!!! LOVE the backpack!

Steve Turrentine

We've played a few of these online escape rooms now. Hallows Hill is definitely the best. Any chance you will have another game out soon?

Janine Parker