Once your purchase is successful, you'll receive two emails a few minutes later. One will be a receipt confirming your payment; the other will be your game order email. It will contain your 16-digit license code and the button to launch the game. Simply click the button and follow the on-screen instructions as the game loads.

Once you reach the main menu, you can begin your game using the 'start new game' button. You will then be asked for your license code. Copy and paste it from your order email into the box (including the dashes) and you'll be off on your escape!

License codes are emailed automatically as soon as your order is processed. Please check your spam and other folders to make sure it hasn't found its way in there. Gmail and Hotmail are particularily prone to putting these emails into random folders! It's worth searching 'Wolf Escape Games' in your inbox.

If you paid by Apple Pay, Google Pay or Shop Pay, the email will go to the address linked to the payment account, not the address you used in checkout.

If you still can't see your email you can request it again here.

And if that doesn't work you can find your license key online. Simply follow the link, input the email you used to purchase the game, and click 'forgot password'. You'll be sent an email to set a new password which you can then use to log in, see your license key and launch the game.

And if none of that works then fear not! Simply use the contact form below and we'll get back to you asap.

If you're trying to purchase on your phone the checkout screen will not show the discount box by default. To enter your code tap the 'show order summary,' which is at the top of the payment screen. Paste your code in there, apply and you're all set.

Yes! The easiest way to do this is with one of our lovely gift cards. You can send a message and decide on what day and time the card will arrive. Easy peasy!

As long as you need! You can start the game whenever you like. You can even play across mutlple sessons if you like. The game will remember where you got up to. There's absolutely no time limit. Your license code only expires once you complete your escape.

No, each code is for a single play through of the game. We've designed it to work much like a real life escape room in this way. Although there are a few 'choose your adventure' elements inside the game, the puzzles and main gameplay stay the same.

If you loved Hallows Hill and crave some more, fear not! We are currently making our second game so stay tuned... 😊

Just 1! If you're playing online you only need to buy the game once. You will then load the game and stream it to your team via video chat.

Everyone will have access to a 'digital backpack' on their own device so they can investigate clues independently. The game will help you set all this up.

We recommend teams of 2-6 but really it's up to you. There's no limit. 😊

Tech specs

+ A desktop, laptop (Mac or PC) or Chromebook computer
+ Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge browser (please note, we cannot currently support Safari)
+ Good internet connection
+ Recommended download speed of at least 10Mbps

+ A video chat platform which allows screen & audio sharing - We recommend Zoom or Google Meet
+ A recommended upload speed of at least 2.5Mbps.

How do I test my internet speed?
If you're not sure how good your internet connection is just type 'internet speed test' into Google and run speed test.

No, to play the main game you need to use a desktop or laptop computer or a good Chromebook. You can use Mac or PC as long as you use a Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser.

To play on a TV you can use either Apple Airplay, Chromecast, or similiar to stream the game from your computer. Or you can connect with a HDMI cable for the big screen experience.

The game does not currently work on ipads or tablets however if this is your only option please sign up to the mailing list as we are working on a compatible version.

Our game is compatible with a wide range of computers. If you're planning an event and want to make sure, we've created a test level that you can access from the main menu and double check everything is running smoothly with your set-up.

If you have any technical difficulties please check the 'technical issues' section below. If you can't find a solution just let us know via the contact form. If we can't get you up and running we'll refund you in full.


We designed the game to be easy to play over video chat, as well as in a single location.

You only need to buy one game for your whole team, then pick someone to ‘host’ - just make sure their internet speed will handle video streaming!

The host loads up the game on their computer using the link on your purchase email, and shares their screen and audio with the rest of the team.

The game set-up walks you through all of this at the start, including how to access the digital backpack app, which allows everyone to explore clues and objects on their own devices / phones - super helpful for online teams!

For the team members who aren't clicking the buttons and hosting the game (especially those playing over video chat) we've created a Digital Backpack. Once the game loads you'll be shown how they can open it on their own phone, tablet or computer browser tab. The backpack updates in real-time with the clues that you find along the way so that everyone can investigate them at their own pace.

The Digital Backpack will work on most android and IOS devices as well as your computer browser.

We've given this game a PG 13 rating, which means there is no blood, adult themes or violence in the game. However, it is a bit scary in some places! If you think your child will be sensitive or scared by a ghost story, then we'd advise you play it through yourself before they have a go.

The puzzles themselves can be quite challenging so we would always recommend children play with an adult who can help them out.

Yes, you can absolutely play solo if you fancy the challenge but we think it's really fun to invite a team of friends or family and put your combined brain power to work! Your team can be either sat with you or you can screen-share the game over video call such as Zoom or Google.

The game saves your progress as you go so if you need to take a break to make a cocktail, put the kids to bed, or just calm your nerves, you can close it down and pick up where you left off at a later date. Once your escape is complete however, you won't be able to go back inside.

No. Once you've escaped you'll need to purchase a new code to play again. If you're subscribed to our mailing list however you'll be the first to know about our next game, as well as promotions and discounts throughout the year.


Please double check you have copied and pasted the code correctly, including the dashes, without any extra spaces. If that doesn't work try typing out the code rather than pasting it. Remember, it is case sensitive.

Please also check you chose the right option from the main menu! Only select 'continue game' if you've already started. Otherwise, hit 'start new game.'

If you're still having trouble, please contact us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you've double checked all the tech specs listed above there are a few more things to try:

+ Double check your internet connection.
+ Try loading the game in one of the other supported browsers (Chrome, Edge, or Firefox)
+ Make sure you have all other tabs, browsers and apps closed.
+ If possible, try loading the game on a different computer

If you still have trouble, please contact us either using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If we can't get you started we'll refund you in full.

Glitches are rare but they can happen. 99% of the time this will be due to poor internet speed, computer power or browser compatibilty.

If your game crashes or hangs please double check the tech specs listed above. Most issues are fixed by changing browser. Just load up the game, select 'continue game', paste in your code and you'll be back to where you left off.

Please note - the game is not supported on the Safari browser. You may not realise you are using it and everything will be going fine until you suddenly get a black or frozen screen! In the event of this happening please switch to Chrome, Firefox or Edge and you should be fine to continue.

Very occasionally glitches are caused by a hardware conflict between the game and your computer. This can happen on older machines especially. If changing browsers isn't fixing your issue, please try playing the game on a different machine if you are able to.

If you're still having issues please contact us via the form below. If we can't get you up and running we'll refund you in full.

If you have another question for us, just ask!

For our overseas players (and night owls), please note we are based in the UK. If our wolfpack is sleeping then we will respond as soon as we are back online. Thank you for your patience.

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